Wholesale Lumber Products

For our wholesale customers, we offer the following kiln dried lumber products in small lot wholesale (500 bd.ft. to 3,000 bd.ft.) or tractor trailer loads:

  • Hard Maple -4/4″ to 12/4″
  • Northern Red Oak – 4/4″ to 10/4″
  • Cherry -4/4″ to 8/4″
  • Soft Maple -4/4″ to 10/4″
  • Basswood – 4/4″ to 5/4″
  • Ash – 4/4″ to 6/4″

We kiln dry all our lumber either in our conventional package and track kilns or in our vacuum kilns. Items will vary greatly in availability throughout the year and we can update you biweekly about our stock on hand if you would like to be included on our list. We can also S2S or S3S all thicknesses on site if you so desire. We have the ability to load containers here for overseas or cross-country deliveries. All lumber is sold graded by NHLA rules unless special arrangements are made prior to sale.

Are your lift trucks paying for themselves? Or do they sit driverless for 20% or more of their time as operators pick up, move, or locate bunks or bolsters to place between stacks? The WLS package palletizing system could make you a much happier yard manager – and increase profits and production at the same time. The simple act of placing WLS package bolsters on your lumber packs, in conjunction with your standard steel strap packaging, will allow your lift truck operators to remain in the cab – the only place where they can perform their job.

By having bolsters affixed to each package, loads can be moved rapidly, placed anywhere, and re-handled efficiently. Even flatbed loading is greatly enhanced. Your customers will appreciate the ease of off-loading and handling within their yards, too.

Manufactured from solid northern hardwoods, WLS package bolsters have the strength and durability to withstand multiple handlings, tight strapping, and container loading. Also available in heat-treated to comply with new ALSC standards for shipment overseas. And if you re-manufacture prior to shipment, the same bolster can be reused at no cost.

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