All of the details, impeccably rendered, just for you

Details make a project soar or sink. Wightman’s mouldings are milled with their state-of-the-art equipment from solid wood that is chosen and produced for its high quality. While Wightman's stock mouldings are cut from pine and oak, other wood species are available and can be used for custom orders.

Wightman carries a variety of profiles, from stock requests to more unique pieces. Clients also can choose from a catalog of more than 400 custom profiles that can be milled upon custom order.
Original or Historic

Wightman’s clients include architects and designers who want to create original moulding profiles designed for specific projects, as well as historic institutions that demand authentic and precise reproductions of centuries-old designs.

Wightman works closely with clients to bring these projects to life, grinding new knives and creating designs that are timeless.

* Please note that the images below are not to scale.

Custom Moulding Profiles

Click on the type of profile you need to download a pdf of available mouldings.